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We provide a total immersion vacation in the English Language and offer a range of residential courses in the beautiful South of England. 


ELTIVE will place you with a caring, friendly and professional host where you will be taught on a one to one basis or in a group depending on the course you choose-both have their benefits.


Eltive started life offering short stay English language courses in the teacher’s home for children and adults in the heart of Sussex.

English Family Experience 

We are still busily providing this very popular service on a one-to-one basis or in small multinational groups of 2-4 but have now grown to include other courses such as our English School Experience giving children from around the world the chance to experience a short time at an English School with English children whilst staying with an English family.

For those students wanting full time UK schooling we can arrange English School Tours and Taster Days, come as a family or just the child…to ease the children gently into a life of living and studying in the UK there is the  short term UK Boarding School Preparation Course…for those children wanting to study in the UK but who have not let reached an acceptable level of English or understanding of the curriculum so far, we have been working closely with a few independent schools in the area and have devised a longer term Home Schooling Course (up to 11 months)…and finally once at school we offer extensive Guardianship services and for a school/home life balance we offer School Homestay - live with one of our specially chosen families instead of a boarding house.

All Eltive courses are designed to make English the only language spoken by immersing guests in an English family alone or with others of a different nationality, therefore improving the students comprehension and use of English rapidly during their stay. Our teachers focus on creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere in lessons, home life and during activities, raising confidence thus enabling effective learning.


Contact us today to discuss our wide range of English language courses, for children and adults

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