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Our courses are suitable for different types of groups, ages and abilities

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Children and Teenagers

School Groups

International Students at UK Boarding Schools

Adult Courses

Children and Teenagers

Eltive provides great courses for these ages and the utmost care is taken in every aspect of their stay as our ASIC accreditation proves.

The children are always met at the airport/train station by trusted Eltive representatives in uniform, with ID, and taken directly to their host families where they receive a warm welcome and are paired with another student of a different nationality. The children will be matched according to their age, gender, English level and interests as best we can. This scheme provides the children with company and empathetic support during their stay, yet still requires them to speak only English.

Our host teachers do not work, being a host teacher is their full time job, they teach the children in the mornings (9am-12am, normally) and take them on activities during the afternoons and weekends, being together with the same teacher and small group of students creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for optimum learning.

Activities are generally local excursions involving sightseeing, sport, education or just fun. These will not totally be tailored to individual interests but every family will try their best to accommodate each student. All Eltive students come together for an excursion once a week and again for the Friday BBQ, a great time to tell everyone about their week and practise their English on a wider audience.

During English term time a day at an English school can be arranged in place of the excursion. Plus students can opt for the School Experience for individual weeks or their entire stay.

School Groups

Eltive has a great programme, with excellent rates, bringing school groups from different countries together, pairing each student with another from the same approximate year group and English level but who speaks a different language ensuring only English is spoken. If some children are not ready for this they can be placed with a friend from their own school.

All families and homes are vetted and safety checked and all teachers are qualified, experienced TEFL teachers who have been chosen by Eltive for their kind and caring attitude as well as their teaching ability. All activities and activity centres have checked and signed risk assessments and appropriate insurance cover.

Chaperones are welcome, indeed encouraged (one free of charge with every 10 children) Eltive is an ASIC accredited, fully insured education and homestay provider. Every care is taken with every child. All Eltive policies are freely available, such as Child protection, Health and Safety, Equal opportunities etc.

Please ask your Head of Languages to contact louisa@eltive.com for verification of all checks, prices and the next available course for your class to join.

Why choose Eltive?

ELTIVE courses are suitable for adults and children of any age View our Video

International Students at UK Boarding Schools

School Tours and Taster Days

Eltive can arrange tours of local independent schools and also full taster days for those students wishing to study in the UK but have not chosen a school yet. The student can come alone or with parents, will be accommodated in one of our selected families and allocated a tour guide who will be with them on every tour.

Guardianship Services

We at Eltive take our guardianship responsibilities very seriously. All children taking Premium or Full options (mandatory for under 14’s) have their own allocated guardian who will visit regularly and will be contactable 24/7 in an emergency (during office hours for anything else, even simply for a reassuring chat)

We do offer an Ad Hoc service for older or more independent students. A quick and inexpensive registration process is all that’s needed. There will be an initial visit by an Eltive representative at the beginning of the year to make sure all is well and thereafter a guardian is contactable 24/7 for emergencies, all other services are available but would need to be requested.

Short Stay Preparation Courses

This is the highly recommended Family Experience normally booked for a few weeks to ease the student into the English language and customs.

Long Stay Improvement Courses

The longer stay improvement course is designed for those students who would like to study in the UK but are not ready academically or linguistically. We have been working with local independent schools to create this extensive course that students can attend for up to 11 month per year until the level of English and understanding of the curriculum up to the desired entry year has been achieved.

Host Family Accommodation

Eltive provides safety and comfort checked friendly host family accommodation for those students who would prefer this to boarding house life.

Adult Courses

Eltive Family Experiences are ideal for adults. Live and learn in your teacher’s home on a one-to-one basis or in small multinational groups of 2-4.

We can arrange groups to suit all, come with a friend or come on your own and make new friends…couples, ladies only, gentlemen only, over 50’s etc

With these small group bookings guests have the ability to tailor activities to suit the few rather than the masses and freedom to explore independently if desired.

For group bookings contact louisa@eltive.com 
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