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English School Experience

Study in a genuine English School with English children from one week to one term on our experience course. Get truly immersed.

What can you expect?

  • 1-16 week courses
  • Learn in an English School 5 full days per week
  • Live with an English Family or in an English School
  • Full Support from Eltive
  • Includes weekend activities
  • Uniquely selected schools trusted to give the best care
  • Stringently checked by Eltive
Sussex School

At School

During your English School Experience you will join a typical English Independent School in Sussex and study alongside English children of your own age. As this is a normal school, the lessons will be taken in all subjects and will not be ESL lessons, these will be given in everyday English and will move at a fast pace therefore an intermediate level of English (B1) at least is required. Students of a lower level may be more suited our Family Experience or even to our Combination Experience.

Totally Immersed

For students of this level it is an ideal way to mix with a lot of different children and make dramatic progress in English. Great friendships are often made and shouts of ‘Do you have WhatsApp?’ echo through the corridors on Friday afternoons, sad, but there’s always next year.

Home Life

At the end of the school day you will return to a warm comfortable family home, stringently safety checked by Eltive to ASIC exacting standards, where you will be treated as one of the family sharing this with up to four other students of different nationalities so English is the common language. Don’t worry, help will be given with homework if required. You will spend the evenings and weekends with your host family, one local weekend activity is included in this package, other trips can be arranged.

Combination Experience

If your English level or confidence is not high the Family Experience would be advisable. Then, if progression to the required level is achieved, the last week of your stay could be the School Experience. For more information, please contact louisa@eltive.com.

Courses suitable for all …

Children and Teenagers

School Groups

International Students at UK Boarding Schools

Adult Courses

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